Photos are taken from a helicopter out of the Frederick Airport, and I will generally take 30-60 photos of the property. We go in several circles around the property, getting it from every angle. Photos are provided on a cd, and prints are available.

Pricing is a follows*:
1 Property $350
2 Properties $220 Each
3 Properties $190 Each
4 Properties $160 Each
5+ Properties $130 Each

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*These prices are for single unit properties in Montgomery, Frederick and Howard and Loudoun Counties, and outside of the FRZ-15. For locations outside these areas, please contact me for a quote. You are welcome to group together with fellow agents/friends to get the discounted rates, but I would prefer to work with 1 point of contact.

Since 9/11 it has been difficult to get into the Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ-15 on the map below), a 7 to 15 nautical mile radius around National Airport, that actually encompasses most of Potomac, large Sections of Rockville, and even reaches up to 28 & 97. I can get a waiver to enter this airspace to take photographs in about 5 to 10 days.

There is another Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ-7). It is a lot harder, and more expensive to access. To enter this airpspace, I must be accompanied by an armed police officer, and this requires the more expensive 4 seat helicopter.

Please click on the map below to see approximately where the restriction lines are.  Of course, aerial photogtraphy is weather dependent as well.

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